Rome wasn’t built in a day.
Creating your own empire is no different.

I strongly believe that you reap what you sow. I always aim to deliver beyond expectations, on budget and on time. The benefit of this has become quite apparent with my success' in client retention. I have come to learn that what I really sell is TRUST.

I always apply a strategic approach to any project ensuring that every mark or pixel has true meaning and is not simply there as an indulgence. Below I have broken down best practice and it is these processes that I believe really make the difference.

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Prior to engaging with any client there needs to be a common language and understanding. To do this I firstly identify your brand’s strengths and weaknesses, get to know your company culture, research your audience, your competition, and the current market place. This may involve a simple self reflection or observation from fresh eyes, with larger corporates this could entail a commissioned more intensive company review and insight programme. Although seen as a non essential cost this kind of invasive investigation paints a true picture of how your company is perceived in your clients and employees eyes. From this overview we truly find what is a nicety to want but more importantly what would really have a positive impact.

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Horse before the cart? That's a Great Idea!

Battles have been won and lost by the strategies. Going blindly into a design means that the end product may look functional but there is no depth to a larger marketing picture. Ultimately what is affected most is the user experience, a negative user experience leads to a negative opinion of your brand.

With a marketing background I ensure that anything I design is built up from a sound foundation that makes strategic sense. Everything is produced with your brand and sales channels in mind.

This usually involves a face to face meeting or conference call where together we brainstorm tactics and discuss deliverables to achieve your brand ambitions.

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People ignore design that ignores people

This is where the efforts of our previous exploration comes to fruition in a visually stimulating way. I am passionate about staying up-to date with the design world and feel it is essential to do so. It is all to easy to simply step and repeat design techniques that do the job, but with an attitude like that brands become stagnant and dated in appearance. A brands look should evolve and roll with the times, yes there are short lived fads and trends that come around but it is a designers job to see through these to ensure that their clients designs not only position them as a pioneer in the market but that they are associated with great design and instant brand recognition. Have a look at my design portfolio to see what can be expected.

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Make that connection with your clients

Deployment can mean many things dependant on the task at hand. It could be the launch of a marketing campaign, equipping your team with new sales tools, co-ordinating the build of an exhibition stand or simply sending an email campaign just to name a few. The key element here is that this is where your brand and all our efforts finally engage with clients and prospects.

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Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfection is demoralizing. 

This is an important step that so often doesn't happen. I'm a realist. Nothing is ever perfect although all efforts ensure it is as near to perfect as humanly possible, and I like to think that my services edge more toward the infallible. Everything can be improved. At deployment I ensure that the work produced is a success. If it is a one of job then that's great but I always aim at the larger brand picture and there are always important lessons to be learnt from each campaign and how your audience interact with it. For a website a monthly review of how your users are behaving on the site is not only insightful but will allow you to fine tune the website in-turn making for a more positive user experience. 

I pride myself on the relationships formed with clients on an ongoing basis and a truthful review ensures that not only am I delivering a service but that the service is extraordinarily effective and measurable.

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